3 Learning Points Learnt Trading Forex Week 31.01.2022 – 04.0.2022

3 Learning Points Learnt Trading Forex Week 31.01.2022 – 04.0.2022

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I feel as if forex dishes out lessons every day. A day ends when I feel I have learned enough on forex, sleep well, but the next forex trading day, I come across new lessons. Indeed this is a huge market trillion of dollars per day. Hence it makes sense for forex to be challenging.

1. Concentration In Forex is Crucial

Forex trading is hard. More than 5 trillion dollars a Day* market, cannot be an easy market to take profits from. One of the major lessons I learned from last week’s trading (which was my first week of real cash trading) was to set a specific time of day to analyze the market. Last week’s analysis was spread throughout the day as I was on annual leave. Annual leave is over now and there is a need to be more deliberate and wake up early (4 or 5am) and study the market for 1hr to 2hrs. The plan is to study the market before going to work. Will strive to develop this routine.

Studies show that routines are good for mental health, hence, it makes sense a routine will be good for trading. This routine seems to be especially beneficial for 4 Hour charts. 0000 and 0400 times seem to benefit more from this morning routine especially because I am in GMT +3 time zone.

I am not a morning person but for my fx trading success, I just have to start waking up early.

Time for stepping up.

2. Stick To The trading Plan

Enrolling in CTI Trading means there is a forex trading system in place, hence the enrollment. Last week saw me jumping into trades (I blame being idle during the day and not having a routine as explained in point one). A case in point is AUDJPY sell on 3rd February 2022 at 0805 H GMT+3. This trade is a good example of jumping on a trade because of lacking a routine. The trade is clearly late.

AUDJPY 4 Hour Forex Cjart

Another issue noted was the stop loss placement. During the system development, the stop loss placement was ATR * 2 but it is not necessary to hit this as I have in place, trade management params. EURGBP was affected by this. Had a buy trade on this currency pair, it literally hit my stop loss and went to the original long position, but I was out of the trade. This trade was also affected by my next point.

Another point about my trading system is that the trades take time. Since I trade the 4 hour and Daily charts, I must not think as an intra-day trader. I must stick to my trade plan and give whatever trade I enter time.

3. Take Note Of The Market Sentiment

As stated earlier, the forex market is tough. The majority of my analysis is technical, but last week I learned the importance of fundamental and sentiment analysis. After taking a break from trading, I got a chance to analyze the trades and also look at the internet for breaking news and economic calendar releases. Forex trading involves human beings and therefore ‘fundies’ and sentiment analysis. This affected my EURGBP. This trade was affected by the Bank Of England Monetary Policy. During the break, I was able to develop 2 expert advisors, one that sends breaking news alerts, and one that sends economic calendar releases.

I believe the best forex trader is one who incorporates, technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis.

Last week’s best trade was GBPUSD buy and the worst trades were EURGBP (not followed stop-loss rule) and AUDJPY (jumped on the trade). I consider the rest as good trades whether in profit or not because I followed the trading plan.

Anyway, the current buzz in the financial world is interest rates, inflation (CPIs and PPIs), and basically any talks by central banks. Will be keen on these and basically any high-impact news in the economic calendar.

This Week’s Forex Trades

With the learning of last week, I believe I will be more ‘courageous’ with my trades. The progression will be step by step, will start by taking many trades, but will stick to 0.01 lots size.

The benefits of 1 year evaluation time offered by CTI trading.

NZDCAD Sell Trade on the Daily Chart

Took the sell trade after price bounced from mid-channel line and also H3 camarilla line on 4th Feb 2022. Took the trade on Friday at 1750 GMT +3. Trade currently playing on the 200 point mark.

NZDCAD Forex Daily Chart
NZDCAD 1d Sell Trade

EURCHF Sell Trade

Took the sell trade after the pair was well under the central pivot point (CPR) in the 4H chart.


Chikou span is also showing signs of resistance on the Kumo on the daily chart.

EURCHF Daily Chart
EURCHF 1d Chart

 The trade currently playing with plus 100 points


The indicators were the same as EURCHF above, where for EURAUD and USDCAD sell on the 4H, price well under 4H CPR.

But also the trade analysis showed AUD was strongest in the 4H while EUR was the weakest in the same time frame.


The Not So Cooperative Trades

GBPCHF sell and AUDCAD Buy

Took GBPCHF to sell trade after the pair was well under the central pivot point (CPR) in the 4H chart. The next thing to practice on is a retracement. This is a good example where I could have put a sell limit on the 4H CPR.

GBPCHF 4H sell

Took AUDCAD to buy trade after the daily chart seems to settle comfortably on top of the CPR.

AUDCAD Daily Chart Buy

Will definitely give this trade time.

That’s all for today. Will continue with the learning points of last week and other learning points that will arise. I will also work on letting trades run and not to over micromanage them.

As always comments are welcome, comments section below and the forums as well.

7 thoughts on “3 Learning Points Learnt Trading Forex Week 31.01.2022 – 04.0.2022

    1. Hi Ronnaka,

      The cluttered charts (for example ‘AUDCAD Daily Chart Buy’ in this blog post) are Meta Trader 4 charts that I used to develop my trading system. So I have opened up MT4 in a compute cloud server, opened up charts, and in all the charts, I have put an Expert Advisor that checks on parameters for my trading system and sends me an email with percentage probabilities of a trade. Exited the AUDCAD trade today with a profit of around 800 points.

      I also created a template just to confirm visually what the EA has sent me. Sometimes I confirm if the EA is OK by logging in to the server and confirming visually with the template.

      Otherwise, for the action of taking the trades, I read the emails the EA has sent and use Meta Trader 5, and put Ichimoku in the Charts. An example from this post is a pic named ‘EURAUD 4H Sell’ Still in the trade which is more than 2K points.

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