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MyFxBlogKe – A New Forex Blog By A New Prop Trader

Follow our Forex Blog to be up to date with the ups and downs of Forex Prop Trading. I document trades that are both in profit and in losses in this forex blog because I believe that is the sure way to learn better.

  • Back To Forex Trading

    Hi MyFxBlogKe family, I am back to forex trading. Sorry for the silence. I had a lot going on, personal issues that spilled over to my trading, and also my blogging. Was too busy swamped to even think of the hosting that eventually led to the loss of my files. But that is all in […]

  • Headed to Hyperinflation, Recession? 3rd World Inflation Nos

    Inflation, hyperinflation, recession, and war. Before looking at the world around us, let us mention a few words on the forex trade progress. The forex trading week has been kind to me so far. Not to water down what I had learned over 5 years in demo trading, but forex lessons from real money accounts […]

  • Buy The Dip Trades — Super Risky Trades

    The past forex trading week was a bit busy compared to the previous week when I was coming from a break. I had 2 trades that really helped my account, recovering from 0.5% to 2%. Then I tried to buy the dip on a GBP pair and things were not very OK. Let us review […]