Welcome Forex Traders

Welcome Forex Traders

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Welcome to MyFxBlogKe. The main reason for this blog is to create a positive community where retail forex traders can learn from each other.

As the owner of the blog, I will be posting my trades and welcome ideas from other traders in the comment section.

There is also a forum section where we can further and easily share ideas.

I came across forex trading back in 2015, and confirm one of the best areas I got meaningful ideas on trading is in forums and community sections where ideas were shared generously. Not selling of courses or EAs but just sharing of ideas.

Thank you for landing on my page and for that, I will do my best to share the knowledge acquired for 6 years of trading and also look forward to continuing learning from you.

Head on over to my blog to see the trading. You can also head over to the forum to talk with me and other traders. If you have a more personal question/idea, go to the contact us page and write to us.